What is the Best and Safest Time to Tan?

best and safest time to tan

Tanning has always being a trendy beauty routine for both males and females, especially during the sunny summer months. Most times, we seem to regard ourselves as being too light-skinned and resort to looking for ways to change that.

Some other people tan to get light-skinned so it is a two-way option. The choice demands on you; whether you want a lighter or darker skin color. We are like to look good and we also like it when heads turn to take a second look at our skin.

If you must get the desired result, tanning is not to be rushed. It’s normally done if you want to have that bronze skin. The process is quite tedious and only those willing to pay the price will get what they want.

There are skin types that will get tanned in a short time and others take a long time, sometimes months before they can get tanned. The other factor that is important in tanning is time. When you devote much time tanning, you might end up having a darker skin than you expected and when little time is devoted, you might end up not getting tanned at all.

It is important you know your skin type and tan accordingly. Whether you’re in a tanning salon or at the beach, you should make good use of time and have your skin type in mind because these are the keys to good tanning.


How Sun and Tan Works

When it comes to tanning, the sun is the best option. There is also the spray tan but sunbathing is a better option if you want to have a natural tan. Most people use creams and lotions and though these might seem effective, they sometimes bleach the skin.

When using the sun, you’re not required to stand under it for long hours. Sun and tan work closely and one is needed for the other to be effective. You can lie in your beach bed under the shade of an umbrella and have your turn.

When you start your sunbathe, you should take it slowly and also have the time you want in mind. As said earlier, the sun plays a great role and the time you choose for your tanning matters a lot.

The sun is usually mild in the early hours of the morning and as the day goes down, its scorching heat gets unbearable. So you should know how the sun around you works and fix the best time for your tanning.


Best Days to Tan

Before you tan, you should think about how the sun around your environment works; such as when it is mild and when it gets heated up. The other option you should put in place is the days for your tanning. It won’t be a wise idea to wake up and go a tanning. You should have particular or even months when you should tan.

There are days when the sun gets heated up and there are other days when you have a mild sun. Days such as Mondays and Thursdays are okay but this is not the same in every location.

So you should study how the sun in your environment works and know the days of the week when the sun is mild on the skin and when it is too hot. The milder days are okay.

You should also look at the months of the year. There are months when the sun is too hot and when you have a milder temperature. Seasons are also intertwined in this and you should look at it also. In seasons when there is no spring or snow, you cannot have a good tan because the rays are too powerful.


It has been suggested that the months of May to August are not a good time. The rays are too overbearing during this season and it will mar your sunbathing. The UV rays are in close contact with the earth during this season and if you tan at this time, you might likely end up having a burnt skin.

So the idea here is that days, months and season are also important options you should look at.


Best Hours of Day to Tan

We have gone through the aspects we think are most important but we should not overlook the time when this should be done. It was stated earlier that time is very important.

The question here is: what time of the day can I tan? You will have many answers to this question and though they might not be wrong, you should have in mind that the best hours of the day are influenced by the season and weather condition at the moment.

Like we discussed earlier, tanning when the sun’s rays are closer is not good but when the rays are farther, you can have a good tan. If you’re looking for the time of the day that you can tan your skin to that bronze color you always longed to have, the mid-day periods are okay.

There is the “ginger golden hour” time when you achieve your goal. This is achievable from noon till mid-day. You should always remember that your skin type matters a lot and you should not tan in a way that will expose your skin to danger. The ginger golden hour is suitable for light-skinned people.

It is better you tan in the mid-day hours and though some might suggest the morning periods, the mid-day period is more preferable. You should acquaint yourself with how the weather in your location works so that you can reach a better consensus.


In seasons such as spring, tanning is quite tough to achieve because of likely cloudy weather. You should also note that everyone has his tanning pace. It will be foolhardy for your light-skin at the same pace as your dark-skinned friend.

Take cognizance of your skin type and make an informed decision on the best time that you can get it tanned. You will get a good result if you should tan your skin between the hours of 4 pm and 6 pm when the sun rays are gradually withdrawing from the surface than 10 am to about 4 pm when the rays are high.

The idea here is that the best time is in the mid-day periods. This is prone to changes especially if the weather in your location is not stable. Seasons, as we discussed earlier, plays great roles in your tanning process.

You might wonder why the mid-day period when the sun is not around is the best. It is the best time because it assures a slow process. The intensity is not what guarantees a good tan; what gives you the best tan is the step by step approach you used. Rushing into tanning might result in a burnt skin especially if the sun’s intensity is high.

So the best time is the mid-day period and if you are not okay with this, you can opt for earlier mid-day hours from 2-4pm. If you’re having your tan outside, there are some safety tips you have to put in place.

There’s another reason why you should tan in lower rays such as the mid-day period. At this time, the rays are withdrawing to the sky and this makes the rays have a lesser impact on your skin. Radiation is also reduced so there is no chance of your skin suffering from the scorching heat.

If you should choose the morning period, you’re exposing yourself to the UV rays that have a negative impact on your skin. You wouldn’t want to have your skin turn a brown or purple color in place of the tanned color you had in mind.

It is true that the sun is not too hot during mid-day periods but you should have protection with you. You should have a sunscreen with you and some lotion. This will protect your skin from getting burnt when the rays are high. You should take care of your hair as well.


Wrapping Up

We’ve talked about what tanning means and how the sun helps you. We’ve discussed extensively why some months and seasons are better for tanning. Seasons such as spring are cloudy and this is not the best time because a cloudy weather is more dangerous to the skin than a hot weather.

The months of May through August are not good for tanning either. The UV rays are at their best at this time and it is better you avoid these months. UV rays are cancerous and tanning under this condition might not augur well for your skin even when you might have your sunscreen.

The mid-day hours are the best time of the day to have your tan because the sun is still farther away in the sky. Remember that your closeness will expose you to its UV rays so in the mid-day, there won’t be much sun and there are no UV rays to heat your skin.

So the idea we have in this piece is that you should tan with caution. Whether you’re in a tanning salon or sunbathing, the mid-day is the best time and you should avoid cloudy seasons such as spring.

Tanning is good for your skin and when you use the right approach, you will be all smiles at the beautiful golden color your skin will have.

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