Simplehuman 8″ Sensor Mirror Review

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Simplehuman is a manufacturing company that is known for producing household objects that come with improved features and playful designs to match the demands of the modern world. The company is known for revolutionizing the housewares industry back in 2,000 and were pioneers of the first stainless steel butterfly can. Simplehuman has promised to make more tools that will promote efficient living, and this is evidenced by the new line of sensor-activated soap pump, sensor trash cans, organization products and stainless steel step cans and storage.

Simplehuman 8″ Sensor Mirror

simplehuman 8' Sensor mirror, 8', Brushed Stainless Steel

One of the best mirrors on the market today is the Simplehuman 8″ Sensor Mirror. This innovative production does for lighted vanity mirrors what the manufacturing company has done previously for trashcans and drainers. The slim profile of the Simplehuman 8″ Sensor Mirror as well as its sleek style can make any bathroom counter or vanity to feel and look modern.

If you want to look good in sunlight or after dark and at anywhere, then what you need is the Simplehuman 8″ Sensor Mirror. It is equipped with bright a light-emitting diode (LED) light ring that mimics natural sunlight brilliantly. The LED also effectively reflects light evenly and consistently and is designed to last long for several years.

simplehuman 8' Sensor mirror, 8', Brushed Stainless Steel

It is a cordless but rechargeable household item that you can move from one point to another within your home without dealing with the hassles of messy cords. The magnification of this distortion-free mirror from Superhuman is at least five times greater than regular mirrors. If all you need is to continually see the exceptional details of every inch of your face, then the Simplehuman 8″ Sensor Mirror is designed for you.

When you position yourself in front of the Simplehuman 8″ Sensor Mirror, the light ring is activated almost instantaneously, thanks to its true-lux light system. This will enable you to see whether or not your makeup is flawless and applied correctly. The touch-control brightness is easily accessible, granting you intuitive and fast control over an entire range of brightness.

As soon as you are done with it – after applying makeup or shaving – and you walk away, the LED lights turn off automatically.


What is Included in The Simplehuman 8″ Sensor Mirror Package?

  • A mirror
  • USB cables
  • An adapter designed for wall outlet charging (100-240V)
  • A quick start manual or guide (written in five different languages)
  • A cleaning cloth


Things to do when you receive the Simplehuman 8″ Sensor Mirror package:

  1. The mirror – It comes with a five-year warranty card, and you may need to register this double-sided mirror at to protect the warranty.
  2. Charge time – It is highly recommended that you charge it for at least seven hours before using it for the first time. The first charge is expected to last for about five weeks when used on a regular basis. Whenever it needs charging, the light that is located at the top of the base will turn red. At full charge, the light will turn green.


Features of the Simplehuman 8″ Sensor Mirror

simplehuman 8' Sensor mirror, 8', Brushed Stainless Steel

Sensor on/off

As your face approaches it, the smart sensor triggers the lighting system as soon as it detects your face or any movement close to it. The light turns on automatically, meaning that you will not be required to push a button or anything whatsoever. Nevertheless, you have to be at least nine inches for the lighting system to activate itself. The light turns itself on after one second as your face comes closer and turns off after five seconds when you move away from it.

High reflectivity

It is made of high-quality ultra-clear glass that is backed by an aluminum coating of exceptionally high purity. This ensures that you enjoy superior clarity and reflectivity any time you make use of the mirror.

Optimum magnification

The magnification level of the Simplehuman 8″ Sensor Mirror is at 5x, thus revealing every detail as well as flaws in your skin. The bright LED will not allow you to miss anything. The 8-inches diameter of the mirror still allows you to see every part of your face at the same time.

Tru-lux light system

The light system simulates or mimics natural and bright sunlight along with a full-color spectrum (with a color rendering index of 90) that is designed to reveal every detail in its regular colors. You will no longer have to cope with the yellow tint that is the hallmark of standard light bulbs. The Tru-lux light system is helpful whenever you want to inspect the complex colors of different makeup products. The brightness of the light system never dims no matter how long you use it, yet it is easy on the eyes will not make you uncomfortable after long usage. If you look good in this setting, then you can be assured that you will look perfect anywhere.

No need to change any bulb

Fluorescent lights or standard bulbs burn out or fade quickly. But the LEDs that come with it are durable, lasting for a very long time. It never gets hot, even if it performs every hour of every day for the next one hundred years. this means you may not even have to replace the LEDs in your lifetime.

Maximum adjustability

You can tilt the mirror to any desired angle to accommodate your favorite viewing angle. You can also adjust the height of the stem from its default 10.5 inches to the highest height of 13 inches. This means you can use the mirror while sitting or standing comfortably.

Cordless and free of clutter

It can still work well without a cord, thus allowing you the flexibility of moving it to any location you desire within your home. So, you do not need to plug in the cable at all times when in use. This will also help in keeping the entire top of your desk free of clutter and clean as well.


You can recharge it via a regular USB port since the entire ensemble comes with a plug adapter and cable. Just one charge and you will be able to use the mirror for the next five weeks with moderate usage.

Distortion-free mirror

Whatever you see in the Simplehuman 8″ Sensor Mirror offers detailed curvature for distortion-free visuals, even at or around the edges. The glass incredibly offers superior reflectivity and is clear as crystal.

Simplehuman 8″ Sensor Mirror Review
The Simplehuman 8" Sensor Mirror is unarguably one of the best-lighted vanity mirrors out there on the market today as indicated by the raving reviews the product has garnered over the years. The product has 4.2 out of 5 stars rating and with more than 462 positive rating on Perhaps some improvements can be made to the Simplehuman 8" Sensor Mirror, but perhaps not. In any case, if you need a lighted vanity mirror that can help you get the results you need anytime you use it without stress, then buy the Simplehuman 8" Sensor Mirror.
Reader Rating1 Vote
It is rechargeable, thus making it a wireless device that you can use as a hand mirror or carry from one room to another without stress.
It has the best ring light around the magnified makeup mirror.
The lights go off by itself when you move away from the mirror, meaning that you don’t have to worry about pushing any button to turn the lights on or off.
The mirror can be extended to a higher level and tilted upwards, so users can stand and look down at the mirror as they apply makeup.
The mirror does not take up too much space, so your vanity can have other tools that help to enhance your looks or beauty.
The mirror has 5x magnification, thus allowing you to see every part of your face in detailed perspective all at once. There are no roundness or distortion around the edges of the mirror or in the middle. It provides a clean and smooth reflection.
It is extremely sensitive to movement as the lights turn itself on automatically whenever anyone passes in front of the mirror. This may lead to the quick drain of its rechargeable battery and the need to recharge it as often as possible.
It is slightly pricey than other standard lighted vanity mirrors.
Users may have to remain relatively motionless when using the mirror as any movement – either by bending down to retrieve a fallen brush or turning to search for a product in your makeup kit – could make the lights to go off.
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  1. I can’t charge it, it happened several times and when I’m running out of battery I cannot charge it, paying that amount of money and unable to charge it easily it’s a great pain! So disappointed!!!!


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