Phonesoap 3.0 UV Sanitizer Review – Is It Really Working?

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Though it may be difficult to accept, our phones carry lots of bacteria due to its constant use without proper cleaning. It is almost normal to charge your phone properly and care less about where you use them – you may even use these phones in the toilet on some occasion. It is also good to remember that we may drop our device just before we eat. How do you ensure your phone is properly taken care of? How do you ensure your phone is free from harmful bacteria? PhoneSoap 3.0 is a very cool device that sanitizes your phone while charging it. Here’s our Phonesoap review, with the good and the bad!

While you may wash your hands regularly to keep yourself free from bacteria, you never wash your phone. All the bacteria and germs you come in contact with are unknowingly transferred to your phone – recent findings indicate that an average phone today is 18 times more prone to bacteria than a restroom. These germs and bacteria thrive and reproduce efficiently on our phones due to the warmth these devices provide – with usual storage locations in bags, pockets and our charging spot in some cases. While some bacteria are not harmful, the ones found on your phone are in no way friendly enough for everyday contact.


How Does PhoneSoap 3.0 UV Sanitizer Work?

This “magic” device comes along with a UV sanitizer, universal cell phone charger, and 2  254 nm UV-C lamps. Its 10-minute sanitizing capacity ensures it is an invaluable tool for both individual and professional use. The UV-light of the device sanitizes any surface it touches – producing a specific all-encompassing wavelength of light which passes through the cell walls of the resident virus and bacteria to impair their DNA. Once the DNA of the cells of these microorganisms is compromised, the cells die off and are no longer harmful. Another great feature of Phonesoap is its ability to kill bugs that have become resistant to antibiotics and chemicals over time, ensuring no stone is left unturned in its quest to completely rid your phone off any unwanted guests.

PhoneSoap 3.0 as its name implies, is designed to accommodate phones. However, it can efficiently sanitize just anything that fits into it – to ensure it is safely cleaned. Its design was built to fit the largest smartphones and structured to charge any phone. The device also has a standard USB port at the back of the device, hence, with a compatible charging cable for your device, your phone is ready to be charged and safely cleaned.

Due to our daily engagements especially early in the morning, many are used to set an alarm timer so they can get up on time for the day’s activity. If you are usually used to charging your phone overnight while you sleep, you do not have any reason to fear while using PhoneSoap. This device has unique acoustic outlets designed to ensure you hear your alarms and notification sounds loud and clear even with your phone inside.



How to Use PhoneSoap

PhoneSoap 3.0 is easy to use with specific, straightforward instructions.

  • Lift the lid of the sanitizer.
  • Place your phone inside the device.
  • If you want your phone to charge, plug it in.
  • Close the lid. Once this is done, the sanitizing process begins and ends automatically within a few minutes.
  • A blue indicator signifies that the sanitizing process is complete and you can take your phone off or leave it to continue charging. Once sanitizing is complete, the indicator shuts off.


Health Benefits of PhoneSoap 3.0

Our phones do not just come in contact with bacteria from the unpleasant things we touch, these phones actually breed bacteria. Ensuring your phone is 100 percent clean most of the time will be beneficial to you directly.

You would not only be preventing these bacteria from causing danger to your immune system, but you would avoid facial defects. Pressing your cheek against your phone, talking on the phone, or even using the same hand you used in handling your phone on your face can lead to acne as bacteria are allowed to get into the skin pores.

Aside from taking care of yourself, you would be protecting those closest to you by ensuring you are free from harmful bacteria. Within a few minutes, 99.99% of all the bacteria on your phone would disappear. When you greet friends, lift little babies, or serve food for visitors, you do it with an extra peace of mind.

While there may be a few other UV sanitizers with phone chargers in the market, using only one with proven effect will be ideal. PhoneSoap 3.0 is the pioneer UV sanitizer and Universal phone charger, hence, it is original and provides 100% guarantee. The UV-C light used by the device is already being used in clean rooms and hospitals in many countries because it has been proven to effectively penetrate the cells of bacteria and compromise their ability to cause any harm. This proven disinfecting technology is an invaluable feature and you will definitely be doing your health a great good by joining the clean revolution.

This was our Phonesoap review! All in all, the device does its thing and it does it right. It cleans your phone from germs and bacteria while charging it at the same time. The cons? If you’re a bit of a germaphobe, you definitely need the device around you, for an extra bit of peace of mind. But if you’re one of those people which don’t bother to wash their hands after they go to the toilet, then the device might not be for you!

Phonesoap 3.0 Review
Phonesoap 3.0 is without a doubt one of those gadgets which bring in real value in our lives. Cleaning your phone from germs and bacteria should become a habit and this device makes it possible - with style, I would say!
Reader Rating179 Votes
Easy to use
Charges phone while sanitizing
Perfect as a gift
Due to its size and design, it works great for mobile phones. Tablets don't fit, though.
No on/off switch
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  1. I LOVE my phonesoap. i feel so much better having it and i honestly think i haven’t been sick as much this winter! the company has always been very kind and helpful which i really appreciate. once you use it you can’t go back!

  2. I have version 1, 2 and 3 and I have loved every one of them. For the tablet they have the XL version which comes in handy when I need to Clean bigger objects including tablets, pacifiers, bottles…. anyway. Good review for a product I love.


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