How to Properly Use a Facial Steamer for Amazing Results

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For a clear, glowing, supple, and younger looking facial skin unblocking clogged pores, removing blemishes under the skin is an absolute necessity. Of course, there’re so many solutions and products on the market promising to make the skin glow. But, facial steamer offers a natural, non-chemical solution that has been proven to work.


What Exactly is Facial Steaming?

Facial steaming is a beauty regimen that has been in practice for centuries. It is a natural routine that’s effective in keeping the skin glowing, healthy and splattered with a dash of color.

Face steaming also known as face sauna is the practice of exposing the skin to steam over a period of time say between 10 to 20 minutes as recommended by experts to cleanse the skin.

Facial steamers are devices that are used in steaming the face. There’s a variety of them in the market one can make a pick of their choice from.

However, facial steaming is often associated with Spa visits. For most people, regular visits to the spa are untenable in addition to the fact that the weekly cost can add up pretty quickly too. So, a home facial steamer becomes a more viable option.

Though, traditionally, home face steaming is done by pouring heated water into a bowl, bringing the face closer and making a tent with a towel that drapes down covering the head and the bowl completely.

This way, the face is exposed to the steam. Though effective, however, this method for a facial sauna can be tedious, time-consuming, and well, not fun.

Compare that with today’s trendy, modern and chic means of face steaming. A quick search online will pull up several devices designed to take the edge off home facial steaming; hence, making the sessions fun, fun and easy to do in a matter of minutes – which of course is welcomed in today’s fast-paced world.

Why a Regular Facial Steaming?

Deciding to have a facial steaming session is an efficient way to unclog facial skin pores. Of course, blocked pores due to grime, stubborn makeup, and trapped sebum often lead to acne breakouts, awful blackheads, and general unpleasant skin.

A steam facial helps open the pores thus forcing dirt remains of makeup, and other debris stuck in the skin out. The result is usually a supple, healthy-looking skin. Facial steaming also improves blood circulation to the skin carrying much need nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells.

In the same vein, transports waste away to be excreted through sweating, thus detoxifying the skin.

The increased circulation to the skin surface also has the knock-on effect of stimulating the production of collagen – an anti-aging property of the skin – which helps the skin to regenerate hence reviving tired skin, eliminating dead cells.

For someone battling severe acne outbreaks, a regular session of face steaming is effective in controlling the outbreak and would definitely see their face clearing with time.

Facial steaming is a handy home remedy during flu season to clear sinuses. Few drops of the aromatherapy oil boost how effective the preparation is. So, for those biting cold, severe flu outbreaks seasons, a regular sauna bath can is a sure bet for staying healthy. Recommend same for family members too.

Another health benefit of a steam face is that it’s an excellent stress reliever. So enjoying a facial steaming after a hectic day is a fantastic healthy way to relieve stress.


Choosing a facial steamer

Just as with purchasing any skincare product, it is imperative that care and a great of time is spent researching the products out there.

This step not only saves the buyer from making a wrong purchasing decision like buying a sub-standard product that is likely to pack up on them. A well-researched product tends to be hassle-free, puts money back into their pocket, and saves from heartache in the long term.


Here are some tips to consider when choosing a facial steamer:

Go for known brands. Brand names evoke trust, and that’s why people will always go for products from well-known brands over relatively new companies.

Well established manufacturers have a name to protect; hence, they would always go out of their way ensure their products are well built.

And if eventually any of their products are defective, they’re willing to take it back. This leads to the next tip, ensure the facial steamer you finally settle for has a warranty.

Warranties are a sign that the manufacturers trust their product and are willing to stand by it.

In addition to checking out the warranty, read tons of reviews from other users about the products. There are review sites that offer unbiased reviews of products highlighting any possible frustrations, flaws, and challenges new users are likely to encounter using that particular product.

Finally, check the features of the product and ensure they are offered at a price point that’s within your budget.

So those are the necessary things to look out for when purchasing a steamer.

Now, you’ve purchased a facial steamer how do you ensure you get the best out of your device?


How to properly use a home facial steamer for amazing results

To get the most out of each facial session, one must prepare the face while also ensuring to follow manufacturer’s instructions to avoid burns and or irritation on their skin.

Here are simple steps for the best steaming results:


Step 1: Prep your face

prep your face for face steamerIt is essential to prep the skin by cleansing the skin with a mild cleanser to cut the odds of grime getting into them. This is supremely important since the warm mist produced by the steamer also makes the pores open wide.

Also, you might want to exfoliate to remove dead cells that may clog the pores. However, ensure not to use harsh dead cell removers which might lead to irritation, so consider using a gentle face scrub to get rid of dead cells.

Then pat your face dry with a clean, soft towel.


Step 2: Fill the water tank

All at home facial steamer has a water reservoir that holds the water for steaming. Before filling up the water tank, be sure to have read through the user manual, so you are in the know on how to operate it.

face steamer filling tank with waterGoing through the owner’s instructions helps you know what level of water is adequate to avoid over-flowing. Also, it did let you know whether the device is essential oil compatible.

Some models are designed so you can add the aromatherapy oils into the steaming water, while others have a different compartment for the portions. And then, there are those that are incompatible with essential oil; doesn’t have any provision for the oil.

So if you’d like to infuse some essential oil for a more profound experience, reading through the manual saves you from hassles that might arise for using the oil in the steamer.

Once, you’re clear on the essential oil, fill the water tank to the recommended level, plug into an appropriate power outlet and wait to steam. And if its battery operated, ensure that the right cells are used.

It takes on average 20-30 seconds for the facial steamer to begin dispensing mist.


Step 3: Steam your face

steam your face with face steamerOnce the steam begins to come out position your face over the spurt and sweat it out. To control the temperature of the steam each steamer comes with a panel of settings you can use. Set the mist at your preferred temp. And enjoy the hot bath on your face without getting burned.

Lock in the steam by covering your head and the steamer with a towel. For the best results, keep your face about 8 to 12 inches away from the facial.

Hold your face in that position for about 2 minutes, then, take a break to see how your skin reacts to the steaming. If your skin doesn’t feel irritated, then extend the sessions to 5-10 minutes and take breaks in-between to allow the pores and skin to recover.

Close your eyes and inhale deeply to awaken the pores and skin while opening the open to push out the dirt lounge there.


Step 4: Post steaming

post face steamerTo maximize the effects of your sessions, you might want to apply a facial mask to draw out remaining impurities from the opened pores. Rub in your favorite face cover gently over the skin and allow to sit for about 15 minutes before washing off with clean water.

A clay mask works pretty fine – make a portion by mixing with water and applying gently over your face. Using plain honey also has the same effect in case you decide not to go with the clay mask.

But, if none of these works for you just rinse your face with distilled water, pat dry with a towel, and you’re all set.


Step 5: Time to close the pores

Leaving the pores wide open could result in germs, grime, and other impurities finding their way into the follicles easily. To avoid this, use suitable toners to close up the pores.

cider vinegarIf you’re a huge fan of natural non-chemical toners, use Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. Gently apply using a cotton ball to keep your face toned. Be sure to test out these toners to be sure you aren’t sensitive to them before using.

Finally, to complete your facial beauty regimen, moisturize your face to stay hydrated. Steaming sessions generally leaves the skin dry; hence it’s vital to apply your favorite moisturizers, lotions or serums to keep your face hydrated.

Jojoba oil, coconut oil, or argan oil are well-known natural moisturizers. But, in case you can lay your hands on any of these, then read through the ingredients used in any product to be sure it doesn’t contain any harsh chemical constituent before using.


Things you would need for a facial steaming

For a seamless steaming experience, it’s vital to gather all the materials you would need in one place to avoid walking up and down once you’re into the session.

So, here are the materials to have handy before starting your at home facial steaming sessions:

  • A clean, soft towel
  • Keep your facial mask handy.
  • Keep your favorite toner with a cotton ball handy.
  • Your moisturizer should be within reach.
  • Have your essential oil handy, if desired.
  • Exfoliating soft scrub


Important Reminders

Consult your dermatologist before adding facial steaming into skincare regimen, if you have a skin condition like dermatitis, severe acne outbreaks, and other skin ailments. This is because, after steaming the bacteria locked underneath the skin is brought to the surface which could make the condition worse.

Remember to wash the steamer after use. Keeping your steamer sparkling neat ensure bacteria doesn’t begin to grow on it. It also helps to prolong the lifespan of the device enabling you to squeeze more use out of it.

In summary, at home facial session is an excellent way to enjoy the rejuvenating impact of a spa right in the comfort of your home. Follow the steps outlined in this post to experience the rewards of face steaming.

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