How to Tell If your Hair Is Thinning and What to Do About It

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Hair loss is a devastating ailment for any individual – unfortunately, most men and women will experience the loss of hair at one point in their life, although it’s more of a men’s problem.

Hair thinning occurs when the cycle is destroyed and replaced with scar tissue and it may be as a result of a medical condition, hormonal changes, mechanical actions caused by itchy skin generated by dandruff and stress.

It is something that will happen; generally, there is no way to stop it from happening altogether.

Know that it’s pretty normal for both men and women to lose about 100 hairs a day – that’s a lot for sure. And most times, you might not even realize you’re shading a ton until it has progressed.


Here’s are the signs to look out for if your hair is thinning


Bald Patches

bald woman wearing white top holding her headIt’s a skin disorder that causes hair loss, regularly check to see if there are any bare patches, it helps to know if you are experiencing a high level of hairs loss over the normal amount, the bald patches affects on a limited area of the head which leads to baldness.


A Smaller Ponytail

woman with ponytail and glasses looking at the mountainsTight buns and ponytails pull every single hair around the hairline which can lead to hairs loss. If you notice thinning around your sideburns, temples, and bangs, and around your hairline, it causes breakage to the base and front of the head.

Ladies whose hair are thick or long may also experience thinning on the top of their head, or always gets thinner when they wear tight rubber band which breaks it off.


Hair Clumps

hair clumpsAfter showering, always search your drain, it is common to find body hairs in the drain of your bathtub, you could be losing it if clumps of hairs are continually found each time you take a shower.

Always inspect your comb and brush for a large number of hairs, it could be falling off when you comb it.


Hair accumulation on pillows, Car seat

Check the areas where you rest your head always, it could be on your car seat headrest, pillows, clothes you wear, and chairs. Seeing your hair in these spots is a sure tell-tale sign that your hair is thinning.


Widening of the Part

If you part it regularly, the width part will become wider which indicate loss of hair, seeing more skin on the scalp when is pulled back indicates there has been falling of hair which makes the part of the head sparse.


Visible Scalp

If you are a male, always use a mirror to inspect your hairline if they have started to recede up toward the top of your scalp, then you are losing your hair, probably the remaining will start to fall which eventually forms a bald. Unlike the women who lose hair from the top of their head near the parting.

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Ladies can feel loss without seeing it because it’s common to lose a considerable amount before noticing it. Compare your present hair to a picture from years back by standing in front of a mirror and looking at the picture, if you see if it’s thicker and lighter probably you are losing it.


Styling Problem

Getting a trim in the salon and you’ll find out suddenly that it’s sparse as it was not what it used to be a few years ago, as the result of too much styling, shampooing, and dying as heat and chemicals from the substances mentioned weaken it, causing breakage.


Causes of hair loss. Hormones, medication, genetics.


It can happen for a number of reasons; it could be caused as a result of:

A very stressful event: Many people lose it several months as a result of physical and emotional shock. This type is temporary and can re-grow within a short period of time.

Hairstyles and treatments: Hairstyles that pull it tight, such as cornrows or procedures like dry or wet bleaching can cause a lot of hair loss. It’s better for your hairstyle to be lost to avoid thinning.

Radiation therapy in the head: Here, it may not grow the way it used to be before.

Medication and Supplement: It may result as the side effect of drugs used for the cure of some diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, and heart problems.

Changes in hormone and medical conditions: A lot of changes can cause temporary or permanent thinning, hormonal changes due to childbirth, menopause, pregnancy, and thyroid disease.

Genetics: Heredity plays a vital role in thinning; you could be prone to it based on genetics. It’s the best way to know if you might see the signs or not by scoping out your family trees either from the paternal or maternal side, if you see a pattern of hairs loss or balding, consult a trichologist (an expert that specializes in scalp health).


To avoid thinning of hair, you have to:


Chill on heat styling: Under high heat thinning, it can break easily, use a protective spray first if your beauty routine requires curling, and blow-dry to avoid loss. Here are a series of tips which will help you out protecting your hair from heat and sun.

Always listen to your body: People have thinning hair due to medical factors like anemia, dramatic weight loss or gain, and thyroid problems. As get older, your body changes, if there is an abnormal change in your body, always consult a doctor to get to the root of the problem to avoid it.

Stay healthy and eat a nutritious diet: The food you eat has a huge effect on your health. Essential fatty acids, protein, vitamin B and minerals such as iron, selenium, and zinc are needed in our body for the growth of healthy hair.

Exercise allows sweat to clean out and unclog pores; it will make you healthier which will help you to grow stronger and longer.

Consider essential oils: Essential oils have been one of the best natural oil for growth; a few drops added can do a great thing in the enhancement, and growth.

Alternatively, natural juice like garlic juice, onion juice, aloe vera juice or ginger juice can also be used to rub on your scalp. Leave it on overnight after applying it on the scalp of your head and wash it thoroughly in the morning.

Make use of conditioner: Lack of hydration causes to become damaged and brittle, not using conditioner is one of the greatest mistake women make; because their hairs are thin and often fall flat.

Consult your doctor: Many people who begin losing it early find they have hormonal imbalance; if you have other symptoms of hormonal imbalance, bring it up with your doctor about it.

Follow a specialized treatment: There are many ways to deal with hair loss. One of them is using the low-level laser therapy. It’s a technique which is using lasers in combination with infrared light to stimulate hair regrowth.

You can eat foods that promote healthy hormones levels in the body and at the same time explore natural supplements that regulate the hormones.

Loosen the tension: Constant pulling excessively blow drying it with a brush, by putting it in a tight ponytail or wearing extension without giving a break every few months can damage the follicle permanently, thereby causing thinning.

Break bad habits: The fallout can be caused by smoking and drinking alcohol, smoking reduces circulation in the internal body while drinking alcohol hampers the immune system which causes the loss. Break out from these bad habits for the sake of your hair.

Another bad habit you should break away from is not drinking enough water, staying hydrated is essential for tissue growth and good health. The shaft is mostly made up of water so drink enough water each day.


And finally

Be kind to your hair!

Thin hair can be fragile, it’s important not to brush it too harshly or too much, treat it with care and gently clean and wash it to prevent breakage. When wet, use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush, carefully or lightly comb through it by avoiding any pulling and tugging.

If you use gel or spray, don’t wait for it to dry before you comb through it, because it may fall out when it’s dry and hardened.

Your turn now! What’s your best tip on how to avoid hair thinning?

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