How To Lighten Your Skin Naturally and Permanently


There are many reasons why people would want to lighten their skin, whether it is for personal, aesthetic or for health reasons.

However, there are a lot of products on the market that offer this outcome without considering the potential damage it has on your skin.

For years, people have used products with bleaching agents, which is both dangerous, painful, as well as unnecessary because there are plenty of natural ways to lighten the skin naturally and permanently.

If this is the outcome you are looking for, then this article is for you!


What Is Skin Lightening?

To put it simply yet factually, skin lightening is the process of reducing the amount of melanin in the skin, which are those tiny pigments that you can’t see with visible eye and which make it dark.

People use all sorts of products to attempt this over the years, often times without paying caution to potential side-effects.

This is why it is important to look for ingredients and make homemade masks if you want to protect your skin from toxins or burning.


Ingredients That Lighten Naturally



slice of yellow citrus fruitsCommonly, people have used citrus fruits such as lemon to lighten their hair – it acts as a natural bleach in this way, when combined with the sunshine.

It should therefore not come as much of a shock to learn that citrus fruits are a natural way to lighten skin, too.

As we have learned previously, lightness is dependent on melanin. Producing melanin is a very long process, though, which starts out with cells called hyperactive melanocytes.

Vitamin C – a well-known element of citrus fruits – slows down the way hyperactive melanocytes function, therefore reducing the amount of melanin!


Bearberry Extract

bearberries fruitIf skin lightening is one of your main concerns, then you’ve probably heard about hydroquinone –  a chemical that prevents melanin from flourishing.

FYI, it can be harmful and is a harsh choice when looking for ways to remove a shade of dark tone from your face.

Thankfully, if you break down where this chemical originates, you’ll find out that a more natural form of the chemical is the component of Bearberry leaves.

The bearberry extract from the leaves is, therefore, a natural product that also reduces melanin production.



granola and yoghurt filled mason jarYogurt has a very mild amount of bleaching agent in it, which can smoothen and equalize pigmentation.

This has to be used regularly to be successful, but thankfully it is available in almost every grocery store for very reasonable prices.

The main agent causing the bleaching success is the lactic acid, which removes dead skin, offering up the smooth, lighter skin that is underneath.



How To Maintain Light Skin

Once you have got to the level of lightness you are looking for and are comfortable with, the time comes where you need to maintain that.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply go to all the effort to lighten it and then not do work afterward. Thankfully, this is not a difficult process.

The first thing is to make sure that your face receives lots of essential oils to ensure it is well-hydrated and smooth.

Examples of these are lavender oil, tea tree oil, and Aloe Vera. The next is to make sure you are protected from the sun, which is often the cause of skin discoloration in the first place.


Cover yourself with sun lotion with the highest SPF you can find, and try to use an umbrella to shelter you from the sun and keep a permanent source of shade.

Finally, the best thing you can do is using a mask at least once a week(we have a few recipes for you below).

Making them at home is beneficial for numerous reasons, mainly the fact that it will save you a lot of money and also protect you from some of the unwanted chemicals that some commercial products may contain.


Recipes for Skin Lightening


Recipe One: Face Mask


A yogurt-based face mask is an essential part of any skin-care routine, as it is a soft, natural way to achieve a high-quality lightened skin. It is filled with nutrients, as well as supplemented with lemon juice to enhance the lightening quality.

Honey is good in general, and while it will not aid in the process, it will assist in ensuring that is adequately hydrated, which will increase the time your face will be lightened and smooth.

Bearberry extract is probably the most vital ingredient of such a recipe, though it is also highly important for all the other ingredients to be included in order to balance out chemicals to soothing agents.



  • Yogurt
  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Bearberry Extract



  1. Mix one tablespoon of yogurt with the juice of one lemon.
  2. Add a teaspoon of honey.
  3. Add a drop or two – depending on how strong you want it – of bearberry extract.
  4. Apply the mix on the face and keep it for 15 minutes, until it dries.
  5. Wash off your face.
  6. Repeat this process once a week.


Recipe Two: Face Serum

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A serum, compared to a simple moisturizer is a more intense treatment and is therefore only a necessary element of skincare for once a month. It is higher in the concentration of lightening agents, therefore it needs more time to recover after use.

The role of a serum is to provide an oily, nutrient dense product that absorbs rather than being washed off, therefore we do not use foodstuffs such as yogurt or honey, as the products need to absorb.

Though this serum can be made with any essential oil of your choice, it is highly recommended that you use tea tree oil, as it is one of the more neutral ones!

Yes, we have learned before the value of lemon and more generally, citrus fruits. However, we also learned the fact that the purpose of a serum is to absorb into the face.

Therefore, we hardly want to be squeezing lemon juice on our faces and then not removing it!

Thankfully, there is a way around that with the well-loved and healthy lemongrass extract.



  • Essential oil of your choice
  • Two other preferred oils
  • Bearberry extract
  • Lemongrass extract



  1. Fill a small pot with the main essential oil of your choice
  2. Add two drops of each type of the other two preferred oils
  3. Add two drops of bearberry extract
  4. Add two drops of lemongrass extract

That’s it! You now have a serum!



So, there you have it. These are all the reasons why you should choose a natural path for skin lightening, and how important it is that you understand why the alternative can be harmful.

You have also been offered a selection of products that are most effective, but there are more to find if, for instance, you have a particular issue with using lemons – all sources of citrus will work!

Finally, there are some suggestions on how to incorporate your own home-made versions into your own personal routines. It is easy to manage if you plan ahead and make sure that you have all the ingredients you need.

Just remember that skin lightening can be dangerous when using non-natural products, but that it is still highly achievable despite this set-back!

At the end of the day, the most important part in ensuring that your skincare process is permanent, is a regular application as well as a commitment to the cause.

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