How Long do Acrylic Nails Last? Let’s Find Out!

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The acrylic nails have seen moments of highs and lows since its first appearance on the skincare stage in the 50’s. And of course, during this period, it has gained a bad rep.

However, the artificial nail is making a comeback thanks to the endorsement from celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner. So, you’re not alone if you desire to sport that picture perfect mani for a weekend wedding or flaunt it for your prom – you’re in good company here.

But, wouldn’t it be cool, to get the scoop on this nail attachment before going ahead to have them?



What the heck are acrylic nails?

An acrylic overlay is made from the mixture of a liquid like an ethyl methacrylate and a polymethyl powder which is then applied by the nail technician using a brush. Once finished, the mixture is allowed to harden by exposing it to the air.

Before heading out to the salon or dialing up your nail technician for an appointment, here are some tips to keep in mind. 

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Be prepared to spend considerable time on your technician seat – the reality is to get an excellent job done – your nail technician needs to spend at least thirty minutes. So, it’s vital you consider that while booking your appointment.

Acrylics aren’t made of plastic – it’s quite easy to mistake this glossy chic nail enhancement to be plastic but in reality it’s not – knowing this will save you lots of troubles – the reason for this is pretty straightforward; they are hard, stiff and unbending. So, you might get quite a shock about how hard they are on your first attempt to wear them.

They will eventually grow longer – After about two weeks you’d notice a gap between your cuticle and the artificial nail. As your natural nail grows out, the longer the acrylic gets. So you may have to either file them yourself or schedule regular drop-ins at your favorite salon.

Removing the nail enhancement is a long process – Once you decide it’s time to get rid of your acrylic nail, or perhaps you want to replace them with a set of new ones; you’d have to be prepared for some nail soaking time. The thing is acrylics are made out of some incredibly strong stuff that gets stuck pretty tight to your nail.

It takes anything between twenty minutes to forty-five minutes to soften them with acetone before they’re pulled out.

Now to the big question…


How long do acrylic nails last?

Generally speaking, acrylic nails last for about two to three weeks, as long as you maintain them properly. So 14 days is the right time to revisit your nails technician and fill-in the out grown bottom nails area.

Left for me, I’d want to wear my well-shaped shiny tips for as long as it can go but, unfortunately, it doesn’t stay that long before I’d need either a fill-in or to replace with new sets.

In fact, the recommended routine is to go for a fill-in every two weeks which is primarily having your technician fill-in the bottom area of your nail that has grown out. Then, get a new set of Tips every two months (or three months in cases where they still look pretty good).

Though other factors can affect how long your acrylic lasts. Also, doing house chores without wearing gloves or other manual activities like typing with them all affect how long are going to last.


So, how do you care for your acrylic nails to have them last longer for you?


Find a good nail technician

It’s a no-brainer, to save yourself from unnecessary headaches and stress you need an experienced, detailed, and professional tech that connects, knows your style, and willing to go the extra mile for you. This is the real key to stunning, chic, and long-lasting acrylics.

A great technician will take their time to create a strong base, remove moisture, and make sure not to over-file the nail which will go a long way in improving the longevity of the artificial nails.

Also, a reputable salon will never harm your nails by using MMA based acrylic. MMA is a very toxic compound very popular in the nails industry.

It’s a banner product, being currently replaced with EMA. You should check out this article to learn more about the difference between the polymers and how to protect yourself against harmful nail products.


Moisturize them

You don’t want to have the base of your nail all cracked open due to dryness. Regular application of high-quality cuticle oil will keep them hydrated, and maintain its natural health as it grows out.

And of course, the moisturizer will keep your cuticles looking soft and pretty. If you want your nails to shine and look sexy, consider buying a nail dryer!


Keeping them clean

Cut the odds of getting infected with bacteria or having fungus growing in the space between the acrylics and your natural ones by either washing your hands regularly using an antibacterial soap or a hand wash.

Care should be taken, however, if you experience continual lifting to avoid excessive contact with moisture.


Schedule regular refills

One downside is the need for constant maintenance. But then, considering that they are fun to have and the array of customization available to you; one could readily agree it’s worth all the trouble.

So, for long-lasting acrylic nails, ensure you visit your salon every two weeks to have the base refilled, fresh top polish applied and maybe even sport new personalized styles.

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Budget for it

The truth is, having a primed neat acrylics is not a giveaway, it’s not cheap, and the cost of the regular fill-ins adds up over time. Work-in the expense of the regular fill-in into your upkeep budget so you’d always be flushed to maintain the regular upkeep required for the perfect acrylic nails.


Take Supplements and vitamins

Taking supplements rich in calcium and vitamin B supplies the body with the essential nutrients required in building strong and healthy nails. Also, in case of injury to the cuticles, they ensure a speedy recovery and repair of the nail tissues, hence ensuring you have healthy well-grown nails.


Wrapping up

There are several reasons why you could decide to fix Tips, either to make a style statement or to help you break your nail biting habit; no matter the reason, one thing everyone agrees on is that, they are insanely stylish and fun to have.

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