Foreo Luna Mini 2 Review

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The Foreo Luna Mini 2 is a cleansing device – for the face – that makes use of the pulsating T-sonic technology which is designed to exfoliate the skin gently. This implies that rather than making use of a brush that has bristles in order to cleanse and exfoliate your skin, the product makes use of T-sonic pulsations which are designed to vibrate the soft silicone bristles against the surface you are applying it on – most likely the face. It removes debris and dirt from pores by means of vibrations and is neither rough nor harsh. This is the ideal facial cleansing product.

A few years ago, the Foreo Luna Mini was launched and instantly became a favorite cleansing product among women of diverse ages who appreciated and loved the deep cleanse being given. With the Foreo Luna Mini 2 being saturated in the market, there is the company hopes to give more women better skin and a glowing body.

FOREO LUNA mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush for Spa Skincare at Home, Fuchsia

It describes itself as ‘Just a minute away from clearer skin.’ The revolutionary cleansing product eliminates every form of blemish and impurity while retaining an amazing gentle skin. According to the manufacturer, it only takes a minute, done twice daily, to have a clear, fresh, and naturally glowing complexion.

The users of the product can expect to experience a skin that is 97% more deeply cleansed, a skin that is 97% smoother and softer, as well as a skin that is 87% healthier looking. It comes with a brush that has three different zones and 8 adjustable intensities which are capable of offering you a completely customizable cleansing time.

With over 1,000 tiny, soft silicone bristles, it is able to create about 8,000 pulsations every minute. Therefore, you can comprehend the ease the product has when it comes to removing every pinch of debris from the skin.

It can be used to clear dead skin, exfoliate the skin, remove blackheads, and lower the visibility of pores. You should always dampen your face before applying the Foreo Lunas Mini 2.


Features and Benefits of the Foreo Luna Mini 2

FOREO LUNA mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush for Spa Skincare at Home, Fuchsia
  • Gives cleaner, healthier, and more radiant skin in about 3 days
  • Has no harsh bristles as it comes with a touch silicon brush that is billed as super soft
  • Gentle and ideal for all types
  • Mini facial that can be used at home
  • Offers a very deep cleansing facial treatment
  • Has several zones – three – on the silicon brush
  • Foreo Luna Mini 2 is capable of removing up to 99.5% of dirt, makeup residue, and debris
  • Gives a smooth texture and refines the skin
  • Doesn’t irritate
  • Has six beautiful colors
  • 100% waterproof
  • Rechargeable with USB
  • Comes with 2-year warranty
  • Offers 10-year quality guarantee


To start with, it comes in 6 incredible colors which are fuchsia, aquamarine, sunflower yellow, midnight pearl pink, and save the sea. This cleaning product also comes with three zones which are located on the surface of the silicon brush. Each of the zones is designed for a specific purpose.

  • The General Cleansing Zone – This is the zone located on the silicon brush which is designed as ideal for regular and sensitive skins. The reason for this is because the zone has a relatively smaller brush surface.
  • The Deep Cleansing Zone – This is the zone that is great for those with oily skins and can also be used for combination skin. The reason for this is that the zone comes with a slightly larger brush surface when compared to the general cleansing zone.
  • The Precision Cleansing Zone – The Precision Cleansing Zone is ideal for the skin or facial areas which are difficult to exfoliate. For instance, the spots located around the mouth and the nose. The Foreo Luna Mini 2 also comes with controls and adjustable intensities.
  • Controls – The controls are in form of a round button which is for the ON/OFF operation of the product. The control is located right at the center of the front of the Foreo Luna Mini 2.
  • Adjustable Intensities – The Fore Luna Mini 2 comes with a number of intensities which are precisely eight in number. These intensities can either be turned up or down (using the +/- button located on the side of the control button). As earlier noted, the adjustable intensities ensure that you have a perfectly customized cleansing experience. Also, the intensities are particularly easy to use, and changing them on various parts is quite easy too.
  • Waterproof – The device is designed as 100% waterproof. This makes it perfect for use while in the shower, or the spa bath.
  • Recharging – The device can be charged using a USB charger and will be recharged in about 60 minutes. Hence, it is perfect for a takeaway device while traveling since it can be charged via your computer or any device that allows for USB charging. This also implies that the Foreo Luna Mini 2 doesn’t consume too much energy. Nevertheless, you should remember that this device has to be recharged at least once in 5 months. This implies that even if you aren’t presently using it, you should endeavor to recharge it after 5 months of non-use or non-recharging.
  • LED Lights – The device comes with a small LED light which is located right at the bottom. This light comes on when the power is switched ON as well as when the device is being recharged. You should note that this feature is automatic. Hence, if the LED light doesn’t come on while recharging, you should check if it is well plugged in.


How to Use the Foreo Luna Mini 2


The first step to take when using the Foreo Luna Mini 2 is to remove the makeup you are wearing and ensure you rinse your face.

Thereafter, massage your top choice cleanser while switching on the Foreo Luna Mini 2.

After 15 seconds must have passed, you should notice that the Foreo device would beep and bring itself to a pause for one or two seconds. This is done in order to give you enough time to move to another area of your face.

Also, you can use the Foreo device with a serum rather than using it with a cleanser. This would give you an extra deluxe massage.

You should always remember to rinse the Foreo Mini in warm water after you must have finished, and allow it to dry by natural air. This routine is easy and quick when done at home, and can be done on a daily basis in order to keep it in a very good shape.

Note: The Foreo’s bristles are produced from silicone. Hence, you shouldn’t use facial scrubs or cleansers that are made of or constitute silicone, sandy or clay grains. This could damage the silicone contained in the bristles. A soft and creamy facial and cleanser or scrub is advisable. You should apply it with a soft facial cleansing brush for better glow.



Foreo Luna Mini 2 Review
Without any iota of doubt, the Foreo Luna Mini 2 is one of the very best little microdermabrasion devices you can find in the market. The product comes as easy to use, fits right in one’s hand without any problems, and does a great job of deeply cleansing the skin. With the soft touch silicon bristles, the product is an ideal facial cleansing treatment for every skin type, and it doesn’t irritate the skin while removing every bit of dirt and debris from the skin. While there are cheaper versions of facial cleansing devices in the market, the Foreo Luna Mini 2 offers more than just the price, and you would never have to purchase brush heads when you own this device. It is able to remove 99.5% of all debris, dirt, makeup residue, and oil on the face in just a single minute. This is enough reason to consider buying one for yourself.
Reader Rating2 Votes
Ideal for all skin types.
Offers deep facial cleansing treatment.
Gives a smooth skin texture.
Serves as a travel item.
Comes in six amazing colors.
100% waterproof.
Rechargeable with USB.
Comes with a 2-year warranty.
Offers a 10-year quality guarantee.
Comes at a high price.
May stop working after a few times of use.
Recharging and controls issue.
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