12 Amazing Benefits of Facial Steaming

benefits of face steaming

Facial steaming has come a long way and its due in part to the fact that, it is a gentle, natural skin care process, and also because it definitely does what it promises. The recent surge in the adoption of this regimen by women has seen it making a comeback to the personal beauty scene.

Seeing the craze and talk about facial, hot vapor bath, one will be forgiven for asking, what’s so unique about it?

Well, to really appreciate the new found love facial steaming is enjoying; it’s vital taking a step back to understand what it is and what it is not.

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So, what is facial steaming?

It’s a skin care procedure that involves exposing the face to a hot bath of vapor usually from a facial steamer or using the traditional method of pouring hot water into a bowl, bring the face closer and trapping the steam by covering the head and container with a towel.

Think of face steaming as what mist from a hot cup of tea is to the mouth. Though in this case, one doesn’t get to drink the water.

Now, that sounds pretty straightforward, doesn’t it?

However, in reality, there’re other little steps to prepare the face for the steaming proper. But, before we get to those, let’s take a look at what facial steaming is not.


What facial steaming is not

Steaming the face is not the same as bathing the facial skin with warm or hot water. It’s not scarring the face extremely heated mist. It’s like saying professional makeup is priming yourself in front of a portable vanity mirror with lights – it’s not the same.

Now we’re clear on what steaming is and are not, let’s move ahead to the initial steps in prepping the face.


Step by step guide to facial steaming


Clean your face

woman clearing her face before facial steamingWhether you’re visiting the spa or steaming at home, the first step is to remove grime, makeup, and other impurities stuck on your skin by using mild cleansers. Eventually, using a facial cleansing brush should help you clean your face thorougly and with more visible results.

Rinse your face with warm water and pat with a clean towel.

Cleaning your face before beginning the steaming cuts down on the chances of dirt finding their way into the skin pores during the session.


Bring water to a boil

boiled waterDepending on whether you’re using a facial steamer or doing it the traditional way, you might have to produce the mist using a different method.

For a facial steamer; remove and fill the water reservoir to the appropriate level, then replace. Turn on the switch and wait until the steamer begins producing vapor.

For the traditional method, you’d have to bring water to a boil in a small pot.

Add essential oil if you so desire, then steam your face.


Steam your face

face steamingPosition the steamer closer to your face, say about 10 – 15 cm for a thorough vapor bathing. Maintain the same position for about 15-20 minutes to get the best out of the sessions.

Trap the heat by covering with a towel. Close your eyes and inhale deeply to get the steam softening and loosening the skin pores to draw out the dirt from deep the skin.

A word of caution here: When using the traditional method ensure that the steam temperature is comfortable without hurting yourself. For the facial steamer, most come with a temperature button that allows users set an appropriate temperature.

Once you’re done, use a face mask such as clay mask to push out the blackhead, blemishes, and dirt from the follicle.

Apply the mask gently over the skin and allow the mixture sit for about 15 minutes then, wash off with lukewarm water. Dry off with a clean towel.

Next, it is time to close up the pores. A quick way to do this is to splash cold water to shrink the pores. Another option is using toners. We’d recommend using lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar since they’re non-chemical, quite accessible and sits well with most skin types.

Once you’re done toning your skin, you’d notice it feels a tad dry. Rub in your favorite moisturizer to keep your face moisturized, gleaming, and looking youthful.

A regular facial steaming, say, twice in a week will in no distant time have people asking what beauty regimen you use. So print out and keep this list of benefits handy to check off each one as they become noticeable to you and others:


Benefits of facial steaming


Increase skin reception to other beauty treatment.

Have you ever wondered why you’d always start off your spa treatment with a quick session?

Well, it’s because, after each steam session, the skin becomes sensitive and receptive with its absorption power enhanced. In this state, every skin care treatment has a higher chance of being absorbed by the skin cells, hence increasing their effectiveness.

So, give a leg up to your beauty regimen by including it into your routine.


Enhance circulation around the skin.

Exposing the face to heated vapor helps dilate the blood vessels; thus, increasing the flow of blood and vital nutrients to the face; resulting in the coveted rosy dewy skin color with youthful looks.

Increased circulation means the cells are not starved of life-giving oxygen and are better served with nutrients and waste promptly moved away before they become toxic.


It has therapeutic purposes.

It serves other purposes other than keeping you looking your best.

During those bitter biting cold months, and flu seasons, having regular sessions can protect you from contracting the virus.

Also, even if you’re already down with the virus, it helps clears nasal congestion freeing your airway. Add mentholated balm or any other essential oil available to the steam and inhale. So next time you or someone close is down with flu recommend this simple home remedy for them.


Prevent Acne outbreak.

Remember, that what causes acne most times, are blocked pores that trap sebum under the skin. Hence, a regular session as part of your acne skin care is sure to help you keep the outbreaks under control.

What happens here is, follow the guideline above to steam your face. Then, your apply regular acne medication. Just as we mentioned earlier, the steam help soften the skin and makes it more receptive to other treatment.

Remove Whiteheads and Blackheads easily. Blackheads, whiteheads and other unsightly blemishes on the face can be quite painful to remove.

However, after a steam session, you’d notice that popping them had become a lot easier and painless.


Anti-aging properties.

Steaming no doubt can eliminate aging signs. And of course, is one reason, so many people are including it as part of their beauty regimen.

To understand the anti-aging property, let’s dig in a little more in-depth on what goes on in the skin.

You see, once the skin is steamed, the blood vessels dilate hence leading to an increased supply of nutrients and oxygen. What you don’t know is that a particular skin layer, known as the collagen gets stimulated.

Now, the collagen is responsible for producing skin cells that replace dead ones. It’s the regenerative part of the skin. The increased circulation means the collagen has all the materials it needs to produce new skin cells and also, the dead cells are efficiently disposed of. Hence, keeping the skin glowing, supple, and youthful.


Steaming is an excellent way to relax.

Unwind, de-stress, catch your breath, and recharge.

For most Americans, their day starts off with a frenzied dash to get to work, then getting caught up in traffic. At work, the fast pace of things, looming deadlines, and unending meetings add to the tension, such that by the end of the day, they’re a bag of ticking mess of compressed emotions waiting to explode.

The cycle repeats the next day with the same activities, and the tension keeps piling up. If there’s no proper release, it might lead to adverse health conditions and or irrational emotional outbursts.

Here’s where a timely facial steaming comes in. A soothing after work steaming can do the trick of relieving this pent-up tension.

For a more profound calming experience, add some essential oils to the water. However, be sure to check if the steamer is essential oil compatible except if you’re using the water in the bowl method.


Fight dry chaffy flaky skin.

There’s nothing as embarrassing as a cakey dried out makeup. It is unattractive and leaves the individual feeling self-conscious.

How does steaming your face help?

Earlier we mentioned that it softens the face and enhances its ability to absorb other skincare treatments. Well, that benefit is quite handy for someone trying to get rid of flaky makeup.

Apply the primer immediately you’re done with steaming your face since the skin is softened and its receptiveness heightened at that moment which is good for combating flaky makeup.

However, take care not to over steam your face as this could have the opposite effect of drying out your face more.


It deep cleanses your skin.

Facial sauna is renowned for its ability to deep cleanse and moisturize the skin.

This is true for facial steamers that use the nano steam technology. With this cutting-edge tech, steamers are able to dispense fine vapor that has high penetrative power to seep into the skin. Hence, unclogging the pores, drawing out blemishes and dirt underneath the skin.

The result is a clear, rosier flushed cheek that’s healthy.


It removes toxins.

It makes you sweat a lot more than usual. And of course, you know, sweating is an excellent mechanism the body uses to get rid of toxins from the system.

So, as the hot mist baths your face, it increases the rate at which you sweat which also boosts the rate the toxins in your face are removed.


It saves money.

Did you see that coming? The truth is you can actually save tons of cash doing facial steaming; well, that depends where you’re having the session.

At the spa – not much. In fact, you’d spend more in the long run.

At home, whether using the old water in the bowel method or with a facial steamer – you’ll definitely save some bucks.

Apart from the initial outlay to get the steamer, which of course, will pay for itself within a couple of months, you’re literally getting the benefits for free.

An even, shrewder method is when face steaming using the traditional method. No initial bulk payment to be made and loads of positives to be had.


In conclusion

Just as Helena Rubinstein, a cosmetic entrepreneur, once said, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. So the regimen is another trick savvy female have in their toolkit for that glowing, rosy, flushed skin.

When done right and consistently, one is sure to enjoy the benefits including a youthful, wrinkle-free face; clear, supple, and healthy skin; protection against blackheads, acne and whitehead outbreaks; etc. without having to spend so much while at it.

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