ENKE NOMAD Travel Sonic Toothbrush Review – Technology at its Best

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ENKE NOMAD Original Travel-ready toothbrush is the smartphone version of toothbrushes. Did that get you to stop on your track? Alright here’s why I made that statement – Please, tell me, which another brand is designed for travelers? Plus, is one of the very few electric toothbrushes with a built-in UV sanitizer.

Still, can’t come up with any? I bet you are reading this review on your smartphone right? The chances are – when you leave home, you would still be carrying your smartphone with you, am I correct? In fact, you can’t see yourself without your phone for much of the day – that’s how much value it has become to you!

Now, here’s why ENKE NOMAD is the smartphone version of toothbrushes – it is designed – to be portable, and to be taken on journeys. If you’re a globetrotter or just traveling for business, this is a must-have gadget. It is an answer to those times when you’re about traveling, and you’d wonder where to pack-in your massive home electric teeth cleaning device in your bag.

Not only does ENKE NOMAD pack well, but it is also quickly charged anywhere –just like your smartphone – with the USB port you can charge it on the fly.

But, aside from its portability and the ease to charge it, you’d still be concerned with knowing whether it can get your mouth cleaned, right? After all, that’s primarily why you purchased it in the first place.

So, we are going to be looking at the other neat features of this fantastic travel-ready electric toothbrush.


Unboxing the ENKE NOMAD Travel-Ready Sonic Toothbrush

Enke Nomad Original Travel Sonic Toothbrush & UV Sanitation Case

You’ve made up your mind to get the brush, but you just want to know what to expect when the delivery man finally brings your order to your doorstep.

Here are the components of the package:

  • A compact travel case: this serves as the charging bay, the sterilizer, and storage case. So, once you’re done brushing your teeth, replace the brush head in the case and shut the lid tight. It automatically charges and sanitizes the bristles with UV light.
  • A USB Cord: the cord makes it easy to charge your electric toothbrush. You can either plug into your laptop or charge from a USB charging port – and thankfully, they’re everywhere.
  • Extra brush head: You don’t have to worry about buying a new brush head soon. It can even be a travel buddy, hence saving you a few bucks.
  • The Handle: Elegantly designed with much thought given to the grip, you are going to find one handle on which to fix the head whenever you want to brush.

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Top features

A sleek portable case

The first thing you will notice about ENKE NOMAD toothbrush is its casing. It is designed to provide convenience and portable means of carrying the product around.

According to the manufacturers, the case is long-lasting, designed for optimal storage, charging features and comes with a UV sterilization ability that kills off bacteria on the brush head 99 percent of the time. This means anytime you pick up your toothbrush – it is as clean and bacteria free as it gets.

When you open the case, you will find two slots for brush heads and one big pit for the handle.

UV Sterilization

Knowing that your brush bristles are well taken care of, and germ-free sure gives you peace of mind to use it. The inbuilt UV light in the case kills over 99 percent of the bacteria on the brush bristles and sucks off the dampness making it even harder for germs to breed on them.

40, 000 strokes per minute

Now, compare that with the mere 300 strokes per minute you get when brushing manually. In addition to this massive stroking, the device combines with the sonic rocking technology to give your teeth and mouth a deep, thorough cleaning that leaves you feeling like you just stepped out of the dentist’s office.

Two replaceable heads

The ENKE NOMAD sonic toothbrush comes packed with two entirely replaceable heads. You could also get more heads at Amazon.

Built-in-Two minutes timer

You know there are times when one might be in a hurry and not have the patience to brush for up to the two minutes cleaning time recommended by the ADA. But, with the inbuilt two minutes timer, ENKE NOMAD ensures that you reach the two minutes mark every time you brush.

Enke Nomad Original Travel Sonic Toothbrush & UV Sanitation Case

Three cleaning modes

You can select the default regular cleaning and the sensitive gum cleaning – for those with sensitive gums and the whitening cleaning modes. These selection modes allow you to personalize your brushing experience.

Easy to operate

Operating the ENKE NOMAD teeth cleaning device is not complicated. With just two buttons marked, you can easily power on or off the device and also choose between cleaning modes.

Easy to clean

After each use, a simple rinse will suffice, then detach the head from the handle and replace in their appropriate slots in the case. It will be automatically sterilized and dried by the UV light.

Long-lasting battery

When fully charged the ENKE NOMAD sonic toothbrush can last for over 14 days before needing another charging. This means, if somehow, you find yourself in a location without power supply or can’t easily access charging points for your gadgets, you’d be assured of using your teeth broom for up to two weeks before needing to recharge it.


How to use ENKE NOMAD Original Travel-Ready Sonic Toothbrush

Enke Nomad Original Travel Sonic Toothbrush & UV Sanitation Case


  • Unbox the device; connect the USB cord to the USB port on the case to charge.
  • When, full charged, unplug, select one of the heads and fix the handle.
  • Press the power button; press the smaller button to choose a cleaning mode that you preferred.
  • Place gently close to your teeth, after 30 seconds move to the next quadrant until you have every inch of your teeth brushed.
  • Press power button to stop, rinse brush head and replace both handle and head to the case for use next time.


ENKE NOMAD Travel Sonic Toothbrush Review
The ultimate goal of a toothbrush is to brush your teeth clean while maintaining a gorgeous white smile. The ENKE NOMAD toothbrush satisfies that requirement and more. In that, it cleans teeth efficiently and also fulfills the easy for the pack by travelers. So, if you’re always on the road, you need a toothbrush that is portable, and that gets the job done, we recommend you consider getting one for yourself.
Reader Rating2 Votes
Comes packed with lots of features that make this gadget a steal
Long-lasting battery, up to 14 days
Sleek and futurist design
Perfect as a gift, suitable for travelers
It doesn't come with a standing charger as well, so if you plan to keep it on your bathroom's shelf, that might sound like an inconvenient. The toothbrush was built with travelers in mind.
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