Does Coffee Make You Hungry? Well, It Depends!

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Coffee is an interesting thing to consider in relation to hunger, therefore a great thing to discuss and engage with. The main reason it is so interesting is that it can have two opposite effects depending on the person you ask…

Or even, for the same person! For instance, sometimes people say that drinking a coffee instead of eating a meal made it possible for them to carry on with what they were doing without eating food or stopping for a meal.

However, those same people have said that it can also make you want food even more! Let’s understand that more fully because the clash makes for speculation. The best thing to do is break it down and explore the reasons for both outcomes.


Coffee Helping You Skip Meals

One thing is certain – coffee can help you get through tasks without food. Everyone, at some stage in their busy lives, has probably had an experience in which has helped them make it through without food.

It gave them the energy they needed. However, people will argue that this occurrence was not a result of the coffee making you less hungry. It simply acted as an appetite suppressant when you were particularly busy because it gave you more caffeine to keep going!

Some doctors have recommended caffeine pills to replace it – but these are only helpful if you do not really like the taste.


Otherwise, both do the same thing and coffee is a somewhat more natural option, as well as a more pleasurable process for consumption.

Another explanation of why it makes you more capable of not eating is because coffee itself releases different nutrients at different rates.

For instance, a shot of espresso could give you immediate energy, despite the fact that you are not digesting it immediately.

Thus, we move on to the next point, which is the experience people have where they feel like it has made them hungrier. It is a result of what happens after digestion.


Coffee Making You Hungrier

Yes, some people have a coffee to drink instead of a meal to eat. Sometimes, that may work for them. As was discussed in the previous section, this was likely to be a result of caffeine masking hunger and allowing people to function despite their lack of nutritional energy at the time.

However, it takes a little longer to digest, so once it does, that is when people may feel like it has made them hungrier.


At the end of the day, with a bit of thought and understanding, it is easy to assess and thereafter accept the fact that coffee makes you burn extra energy. This is simply as a result of the energy it gives you in the first place!

Therefore, it makes just as much sense to recognize the fact that this use of energy will lead to further hunger, as hunger is a direct result of the body needing more energy.

So, in some respects, it has indeed made you less hungry when you first drink it in the beginning. But, in the long run, coffee has likely led to your body needing more nutritional energy than it needed before! The best thing to do is feed it.


Coffee Masking Hunger

Here is another suggestion about what is happening when you feel like coffee has made you hungry, rather than how it has been claimed by dieticians and in the mainstream media as an appetite suppressant.

Having a cup of coffee does a range of things, but one of those things is that it makes you energetic.

You use that energy in various ways depending on your job or your usual daily activities, whether it is to do a physical exercise like running or walking around a retail job, stay awake to teach or to attend lessons, or do a lot of work in an office or on a computer.


It can become easy in highly caffeinated situations to work right through your normal eating times in order to get as much done or be as productive as possible.

This results in you burning energy and completely forgetting that you need to eat in order to sustain the most effective and long-lasting energy.

It is at this stage, once the caffeine has worn off and the effects are no longer having an effect on you, that you come to realize that you are very hungry because you worked right through your lunch or dinner time. This may just be because you skipped a meal during your coffee-buzz! 

Does it make sense? I hope so!


Stimulating Your Metabolism

hite ceramic mug on tableIs anyone else familiar with the feeling of being hungry after chewing some gum? Well, the process after drinking coffee is similar.

If your body is craving nutrients, and you begin drinking, or chewing, or consuming any vessel of flavor, your body begins to expect food. It waits and waits… But all it gets is coffee.

So, your body sends you signals that it is still waiting for food, like by rumbling or by cramping.

This is likely triggered through the drinking, though it is possible it has come from external sources at times.

It is important to remember that even though the espresso cup may have some calories, it is not nearly enough of the nutrients that your body is looking for. Therefore, drinking a cup is kind of like teasing your hungry belly!

Not only does this stimulation occur and the grumbles follow, but it also puts other bodily functions into overdrive. Yes, that is right – without being crass, I’ll simply allude and hope you realize what is meant when I say it causes you, often, to need the toilet after drinking it.

Once this process occurs, you are more likely to want more food, as your body has naturally seen to the previous meal’s successful digestion and passing.

hite ceramic mug on tableThe truth of the matter is that both of these are true statements – a coffee can make you hungry, and it can make you not hungry as well.

It may seem like a cheat-answer, but it is all dependent on the circumstances and is, therefore, the only answer that exists.

It all just depends on when you are looking at the data, or why you are looking at it.

Essentially, it is important to remember that these things are happening for totally different, unrelated reasons, and trying to find links to them can be frustrating if you do not take the different variables into account.

Most of the time, the specific result is dependent on the individual, the specific circumstances of the person in question.

The final most important thing to keep in mind when thinking about a cup of cappuccino and hunger in relation to one another is the fact that it is not a sufficient alternative for eating, even if it is a helpful tool when eating is not an option.



There is little to no doubt that coffee can, however, be extremely helpful for people trying to stay on track with a diet, and therefore could be used to entertain oneself or distract their tummies from crying out and demanding food whilst you are trying to be healthy!

The best way to think about it is in a way that is moderate and takes into consideration your own lifestyle.

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