Best UV Flashlights for 2020 – Can You Spot the Difference?

best uv flashlights to buy

Flashlights are one of the handiest gadgets you would need in your home, when you’re out and about, or even on a camping trip. You will definitely need it. But, the UV flashlights bring an extra angle to the whole experience.




Do you know there are several objects you’d miss with a LED flashlight? Imagine, you’re on a trip enjoying the great outdoors say hiking the backcountry, and it got dark pretty early before you were able to get back to camp, what do you do in this situation? Wipe out your powerful flashlight right?

That’s cool, but what if a scorpion is lurking on the ground, chances are you are going to miss it. Here’s where it comes in handy – once you power the torch, the UV light reacts with objects it falls on and makes them to fluorescence – that gives off light – so you can see them.

But, you may just be wondering what is an ultraviolet flashlight?

The fact is ultraviolet flashlights are not like the everyday ones you see around. They use the ultraviolet radiation – which is a light spectrum smaller than the visible light wave bands. They are primarily used in situations where one wants to see things such as stains, hidden writings and so on which cannot be seen to the naked eye or even with a LED light.

The ultraviolet radiation has a wavelength between the 10 nanometers and 400 nanometers with the 385nm-395nm band, the sweet spot for these products, close to UV LED nail dryers, which uses a band between 365-405nm for curing nails. wondering if you can cure nails with a flashlight? Nope, that’s not an option 🙂


Applications of UV Flashlights

The ultraviolet light is used in several professions such as:

  • Inspection in a crime scene: A forensic inspector usually uses it to search a crime scene when hunting for evidence that would prove vital in uncovering what happened there.
  • It causes bodily fluids like blood, saliva, and others to glow making evidence gathering easy. Before the advent of the ultraviolet light, it is practically impossible to harvest those droppings once they have been wiped clean.
  • House inspection before a sale: Professional house inspectors use it in determining what condition a building is in before a sale The light is employed in the search for leaks, holes or cracks in the air circulation system, heating vents, gas pipes, and on plumbing works. The inspection is an integral part of the evaluation process which enables both the buyer and seller to know what’s needed to be fixed in the property before the transaction is concluded.
  • Pet stains illumination: Do you have pets at home? Now, it can help you identify waste fluids like urine from your dogs and cats when cleaning your carpets. It stimulates the droppings to glow, hence making cleaning an easy task.
  • Used to identify counterfeits: It makes identification of fake products easy. Since most original products come with an invisible tag that can only be seen when illuminated, hence it becomes easy identifying fake for authentic products.
  • Also, for those in the antique business, it is utilized to verify whether a painting is original or duplicate.
  • The ultraviolet light is used in cash handling organizations to verify whether banknotes are original or counterfeit. The dollar bills are equipped with a counterfeit strip that glows when exposed to an ultraviolet light.


If you reached this spot, here’s something to think about when planning your next trip 🙂

What to look out for when choosing a UV Flashlight

The primary purpose of them is for illumination. They’re designed to aid you to see in a dark environment. So, depending on your needs which is the first thing you have to figure out before even heading out to purchase one. Here’re some other factors you will have to put into consideration:

  • The casing – Choosing between a metal or plastic casing depends whether you’d be using it for the outdoors or indoors. If the use is majorly outside, then it is recommended you get yourself an aluminum alloy covered black flashlight.
  • Lens type – Though it aids you to see invisible marks, there are situations when regular one might just be appropriate, hence having flashlights that allow you switch between ultraviolet light and LED light comes in handy.
  • Size: Another thing to consider when purchasing is the size. Keep in mind that, the size of the device determines how many diodes are going to have. So if your need requires you have a powerful light, then consider going for the bigger sized ones. However, if a moderate glow is suitable for what you want to be done then, by all means, go for the smaller flashlights.


Here’s our pick of the top 5 ultraviolet flashlights

People call it the Godzilla of all black ultraviolet flashlights! This next generation is fitted out with over 100 top-notch British engineered diodes that are powerful giving off the light in the waveband of 385nm to 395nm spectrum.

The uvBeast sweeps through a wider area, covering more space and helping you pinpoint whatever it is you’re after without having to be on top of them – in fact, the beam from this item can catch creepy scorpions 50 feet away. The floodlight effect of the torch also enables you to scan vast area in seconds, and you’re never going to miss a thing.

If you’re still in doubt about just how powerful this product is, keep in mind it is designed for industrial use.

Top features of uvBeast Black Light Flashlight

  • Floodlight effect: It pumps out a massive 18 watts of 385 -395nm radiation that sweeps through an entire 20-30 square feet area. So, you don’t have to scan an area feet by feet.
  • Works well in an ambient lit room: You don’t even have to use it in a dark place only. As long as the area you intend to scan is lighted with an ambient standard room lighting, then it will work just fine – yes, it is that powerful.
  • Power source: Six AA Alkaline batteries that have been proven to last for up to sixteen hours.
  • Suitable for both domestic and industrial use.
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and will not break on you.


The TaoTronics Blacklight is a low-budget product but sure punches above its worth. If you desire to make invisible things visible, then the TaoTronics flashlight is your guy. It is quite a popular product.

When the beam of light hits a stain, markings, or insects like a scorpion, it lights it up, making it easy to spot them – it works best in a dark room.

The product is used to identify counterfeit currencies, to inspect and spot stains in hotel rooms(like these people are doing it), detect scorpions and so much more.


  • 12 number LED bulbs that emit a 395nm wavelength of ultraviolet lights.
  • Uses 3 Duracell AAA batteries and lasts up to six hours.
  • Spots stains from dog urine, food stains on a table, carpets, and rugs and clothes.



If you ever want to detect life’s messy mysteries hidden from the naked eye then get yourself an Escolite flashlight. With 51 high-quality and durable LED bulbs that give off an ultraviolet light at the 395nm wavelength, you’ll be cringing in disgust in no time when you use this powerful black light in the dark.

You’re going to be shocked at the amount of grime on your carpets, rugs, and table due to food stains, pet urines, and dried fluids – and hopefully, you have the strength to get rid of them.

It’s a low budget product but is packed full of enough strength to help you while hunting down scorpions and your favorite minerals in the dark.

Top Features

  • High power 51 LEDs that gives off ultraviolet light in the 395nm region.
  • Top quality and durable aluminum casing to protect against drops
  • 12 months warranty
  • Powered by three AA batteries



If you prefer something more powerful than the TaoTronics 12 UV LED flashlight, then go for this TaoTronics 51 LED UV one with its more powerful radiation.

Maintaining the top-notch quality we’ve come to expect from the TaoTronics brand, this product is built to last. With a compact body that’s made from an aluminum alloy, inexpensive and efficient, you’re sure going to be getting a bang for your bucks.

Flash the beam to cover a larger area, detect stains clearer, and save yourself the stress of spending hours trying to uncover where the foul odor is coming from.

It is used for several purposes, to identify original documents, detect counterfeit monies, identification cards, and even passports.


  • 51 powerful and bright LEDs bulbs that cover a larger area and makes detection of stains like dried urine from your pet more comfortable. Whether it’s a carpet, furniture, rugs, linoleum, and wood surface the black flashlight is sure to uncover it.
  • Emits radiation in the 395 nm spectrum
  • Is powered by three AAA Duracell Alkaline batteries which last for up to three hours.
  • Comes packed with a pair of protective yellow glass to protect you from the powerful ultraviolet light.



If you’d prefer a rechargeable instead of the hassle of changing batteries now and then consider purchasing the TATTU UV02 rechargeable UV Flashlight. With the in-built 3000mAH Lithium long-lasting battery.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it is suitable for those moments when you’re outside hunting down those creepy scorpions or indoors sniffing out the hidden stains on your table, rugs, carpets and wooden floors.

It can also be utilized when authenticating an ID, identifying counterfeit currencies, and when inspecting hotel rooms.


  • An Advanced USB charging technology to make charging fun and quick.
  • A power indicator that lets you know when the battery is running out.
  • Choose between different modes that suit any particular situation – select either High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS modes.
  • A long-lasting 3000mAH battery.
  • Included in the packaging include a manual, wrist strap and a friendly customer service.


Calling it a Wrap

There are several UV flashlights in the market, to eliminate the hassle and stress of going through all that is available, we’ve searched the internet, read through hundreds of reviews to bring you the top quality products you can find anywhere.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. You may not have an answer here, or want to try after reading this, but here goes anyway.

    I recently found a black ‘Stylus Streamlight’ on my property, which thru Google research I was able to identify as an ultraviolet (UV) or ‘tactical’ flashlight. Because of the color of it’s light, and according to your web page here, it’s also more commonly known as a blacklight. In addition to the name on the barrel, it also bears S/N 8933834 0218. Both name and S/N appear in white on it’s black aluminum casing. It also has a removable pocket clip, a black button on the end for momentary lighting of the unit, and powered by 3 AAAA batteries which I found to be working.

    Some of this tech info was obtained from Southwest Public Safety (SWPS), at their website (, which retails tactical equipment, including flashlights identical or quite similar to the one I have in question, to law enforcement and related agencies. They’re the only vendor I’ve found online so far selling UV flashlights like this, and also listing the various bulbs, colors and specs used in UV devices, as well as those hazards (optical radiation) associated with them. But as to what purpose these various colors/wavelengths are useful for wasn’t stated, although some of them can be found at websites under the UV lighting subject.

    My question to you relates to this: I recently discovered this ‘flashlight’ on my one acre lot, located about 5 miles from the nearest town, and which I maintain and use for recreational purposes, only. I have three small storage sheds on the place in which to store some recreational gear, lawn mowers, tools and such. Because of being robbed twice since the sheds went up (both cases reported to the local sheriff), I installed a trail cam out there for added security, only.

    This ‘flashlight’ had been discovered by me shortly after a stranger was out there who claimed he’d biked in from town to go camping, believing the land had belonged to a friend of his and that he’d been given permission to stay in the sheds overnight. It looked to me like he’d been waiting for some time for his friend, since he remained sitting in one of my chairs even after I drove up and stopped. At my request, he then identified himself and his friend, but said said he hadn’t seen my name posted at the entrance when he came in (which he apparently did on the bicycle with him, wearing the small backpack that was still on his shoulders).

    I advised him I didn’t know his friend and that the property had been purchased by my father in 1957, but now belonged to me. I also said I knew nothing of any arrangement for him to be out there camping, or to stay overnight. Following a few more minutes of this and some friendly banter, and after giving him some water (which he asked for — including directions for biking back to town?) we then parted amicably and that was that, or so I thought.

    Nothing was found missing after he left, but because he’d asked what my sheds were for, I wondered then if he’d been casing the place before I got there, either for himself or someone else to break into later on, but which thankfully hasn’t happened as of yet. However, when attempting to review my visitor’s actions on my trail cam, both before and after I’d arrived, I discovered the camera to be no longer functioning and the contents of it’s memory card missing or deleted. The cam’s batteries had been replaced earlier this year, and it’s always functioned well until now.

    So now the question is: Could an ultraviolet light, like the device I found or one similar to it, be used to disable a trail cam and/or erase its memory card, too, like what may have happened to mine? I haven’t checked, but the camera’s manufacturer might throw some ‘light’ on this issue, but probably wouldn’t want that known to the public if true. Same with law enforcement, if such devices used in their line of work. Have not contacted the local authorities here about this, or about that S/N on the flashlight if stolen, but considering doing so as I find out more.

    Thank you for your patience, and for any help with this issue.

  2. In a nutshell, the answer is “no”. Game cameras work in the visible spectrumf for daylight and in Infrared (IR) for low light and dark applications.

    There is no way using Ultraviolet (UV) light at such low power would affect the sensors, memory, or batteries in the way you described. It’s more likely that:
    1. Your memory card faulted after the game camera was running hot for a good period of time, either by hot weather or the camera was constantly running if there was continuous movement due to wind blowing or something keeping the sensors active. High activity and heat are the fastest way to kill batteries and memory.

    2. Someone who knows a little bit about game cameras found your camera, wiped the memory card and replaced it…. I won’t go into details of “how someone could do it” for the sake of yours and others choice of security.

    I am bothered that you had an unknown individual stomping around your sheds with a UV flashlight… sounds like he was up to no good to me… especially with a lame story of “my friend said it was cool”. I do believe he was casing your sheds.

    You might want to alert authorities so they can keep an eye out for your visitor if he shows back up on your property (especially if something turns up missing). Also, get multiple game cameras for the area, so if they find one, you can likely catch them on another.


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