About Us - The Who, What and Why of UVHero

UVHero is your go-to resource for living a better and healthier life.

I’m Michael Smith, a professional wellness technician by day, and a lifestyle hero by night. Together with a team of medical advisors and researchers(which happen to be my work colleagues and friends), we challenge the status-quo by diving deep into a series of topics such as light therapy, personal care, beauty, health, and science. Our main goal is to present you accurate and easy-to-understand information that you can put into practice right away.

Michael Smith - The Founder

A few words about me. I’m a lifestyle and wellness professional, helping people live a better and healthier life. I’m a sports guy and love to create personas by just looking at people. But that might be a professional flaw, because of my degree in Psychology.
Fun facts:

  • I’m a weekend warrior. The 9-to-5 guy during working days which transforms into a challenge-breaker over the weekend. Taking care of my body is one of my cornerstone habits. In other words, a singular habit like daily exercising triggers a multitude of healthy habits like meditating, eating the right food, sleeping the right amount of hours and so on.
  • I’m a father. The saying that you don’t know what life’s all about until you become a parent is so true. Becoming a father is one of the main reasons why this website exists. Every day as a parent is a challenge but only by tackling each one is going to transform these challenges into amazing memories.
  • I’m a status-quo challenger. Well, people call me a researcher, but I like the first phrase more. I guide myself on evidence-based information. This website is basically the result of this thinking.
  • I love UV Light. One, because you can’t see it. Two, because it’s everywhere. And three, because it’s so powerful that it can do both harm and good. I’m here to show you the good side of it and how can you use it to life a better life.

The Team

I’ve partnered with a bunch of cool guys and gals(with such techy education and job titles that for the sake of this page I couldn’t mention here) to tackle into subjects that could help people like you live a healthier life.

There are three kinds of people in the world: those who don’t know and don’t know they don’t know; those who don’t know and do know they don’t know; and those who know and know how much they still don’t know.”

Karen Marie Moning

Which type of person are you? With that being said, let us trigger your awareness with our latest articles. Check them out!