The Difference Between UV Light and Black Light

When reading about Ultraviolet radiations, there are these two terms that seem to be confusing; UV Light and Blue Light. To understand The Difference between UV Light and Black Light, it’s essential to know what each of them means. Today, am going to help you understand the difference. To begin with, let’s understand the definitions of these terms.

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10 Interesting Facts About UV Light


Ultraviolet radiation is a light spectrum that includes visible light and light that cannot be seen. The human eye cannot detect any UV light, but a few insect have the capability to see the light. The light is indirectly visible through the light-emitting fluorescent objects that emit the radiation through the light they produce.

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The Uses/Applications of UV(Ultraviolet) Light

Ultraviolet light, also known as UV light, is a type of electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength somewhere close to light and X-rays. It is used broadly all over the world, in everything from the generation of usable electric power to the many other regular uses for a simple black light. UV lights are used in various applications ranging from industrial, commercial and healthcare sectors.

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